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Law School Hacker, Issue #002 -- law review
May 22, 2014
Hello there, Law School Hackers!

Welcome to Law School Hacker Ezine #2

Hey there,

This is Larry and you are reading the first! Ezine! Ever! For Law School Hacker!

You're receiving this because you signed up for Law School Hacker's ezine.

This time around, I have four topics for you:

(1) Master the Bluebook on the Law Review Write On Competition (2) Get More Free Final Exam Tips In YouTube; and (3) Get Top Law School Grades By Signing Up For 7Sage Law School Prep.

(1) Master the Bluebook on the Law Review Write On Competition

This section -- just so you know -- is mainly for 1Ls who just finished their year and are about to take the writing competition.

(If you are a 0L, HANG ON but otherwise IGNORE this email and use it when you need it one year from now.)

This email is FREE, full of unique and useful content for YOU. I'm not selling anything this time. So please just enjoy.

I just want you to have some of the best, tried-and-tested tips I developed on my own and in tutoring my law students.

So here we go with the heart of this email:

How to Prepare Real Quick for the Bluebook Portion of the Write-On



So you have very little time, and you paid no attention to how to deal with the Bluebook in your stupid legal writing class.

Plus the Bluebook is 500 pages long, in a tiny font, and MAKES NO SENSE.

Don't believe me?

So given all this, how do you get to master the Bluebook quickly and effectively?

Well, let's take one step back for a second -- why do you need to know this?

Why do I need to know this?

Knowing how to use the Bluebook -- actually, knowing it back and forth, knowing it like the back of your hand -- is a huge part of being on Law Review.

It is what you spend most of your time doing on Law Review.

Now, some people would rather poke their eyes out with something sharp (or even something dull, given how fun cite-checking a law review article can be. It's not quite a colonoscopy, but it's not not a colonoscopy, either.)

So this is why many write-on competitions make Bluebooking worth up to 50% of your score.

So how do you master the Bluebook on short notice?

The 80/20 Rule for the Bluebook.

There is a particular way to master the Bluebook until you become a HALF-SUPER-NINJA, HALF-MOTHERFUCKING-BEAR OF BLUEBOOKING JUST LIKE ME.

The short, fast, two-step way to do this?

(1) Master the most frequently used rules; tab them for easy reference.

(2) Study the index and table of contents, and browse the rest of the Bluebook so you know it well enough to find anything else that you might need.

Why this approach?

Well, you have limited time.

You can't use brute force to master the Bluebook.

And it makes no sense to study all 515 pages of Bluebook because YOU WILL GO INSANE!

(Sorry, the Bluebook causes me to shout a lot.)

Anyway, to make the best of your very limited time (Law Review will beat the Bluebook into if you get on it), we exploit the 80/20 Rule.

We are big time into the 80/20 Rule here.

The 80/20 Rule says that 20% of your inputs give you 80% of your outputs. The numbers are even more skewed sometimes. 10% of the people have 90% of the wealth, 10 percent of your customers at a company give you 90% of your sales; 20% of your employees do 80% of the work.

Anyway, this applies to the Bluebook as well. 20% of the Bluebook is used 80% of the time (I've made up the numbers a bit but life is a bit like this, even more skewed).

So the strategy here is to know the 20% very very well. Tab those sections, study them carefully, and then read through the rest of it so you know where stuff is (even if you can't recall the rule from memory).

Here are the sections/pages I would like you to Tab; please study carefully most of the sections below (with the two exceptions I note).

R6 (pages 80-82) - Abbreviations, Numerals, and Symbols

R8 (pp. 84-86) - Capitalization

R10 (pp. 87-109) - Cases (with emphasis on 10.2, 10.8.1 and 10.8.4)

R11 (p. 110) - Constitutions

R12 (pp. 111-125) - Statutes

R15 (pp. 138-146) - Books, Reports, and Other Nonperiodic Materials

R16 (pp. 147-58) - Periodical Materials

R18 (pp. 164-76) - The Internet, Electronic Media, and Other Nonprint Resources (in particular study 18.3.1)

T1 (pp. 215-77) - United States Jurisdictions (This one you TAB but don't really study. There is a ton of stuff here.)

T6 (pp. 430-31) 0 Case Names and Institutional Authors in Citations

T10 (pp. 436-37) - Geographical Terms

T12 (p. 444) - Months

T13 (pp. 444-67) - Periodicals --This one is another you don't memorize, just tab it so you can always check periodical names against this. Let me be clear about what to do with these: With the exceptions of T1 and T13, you should study the other sections so that you more or less know it off the top of your head.

THEN read the rest of the Bluebook so you are familiar with it. (So that you know, say, where to look for the correct citation for the Brazilian Supreme Court or the United Nations Human Rights Commission or an unpublished manuscript by a hamster (minus the hamster) -- even if you don't know exactly how to do the cite you know where to look.)

If you follow my advice, as other students have, you will very quickly get to master the Bluebook.

And the Bluebook is just half the battle with the writing competition!

Stay tuned for more FREE and unique writing competition tips.

(2) Get More Free Final Exam Tips In YouTube!

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(3) Get Top Law School Grades By Signing Up For 7Sage Law School Prep!

Finally, one last plug.

You get a ton out of the free resources that I am providing above and on the Law School Hacker site.

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Check it out here: 7Sage Law School Prep. Anyway, that's all we have for now.

But if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to write me here. Anyway, best of luck this summer,


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