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Law School Hacker, Issue #001 -- grades, law review, and more!
May 13, 2014
Hello there, Law School Hackers!

Welcome to Law School Hacker Ezine #1

Hey there,

This is Larry and you are reading the first! Ezine! Ever! For Law School Hacker!

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This time around, I have four topics for you:

(1) Law School Grades Can Make A $100,000 PER YEAR Difference! (2) You Should Totally Do the Law Review Write On Competition? (3) Get More Free Final Exam Tips In YouTube; and (4) Get Top Law School Grades By Signing Up For 7Sage Law School Prep.

(1) Law School Grades Make A $100,000 PER YEAR Difference!

So you are always told that law school grades are everything.

But have you seen THIS article?

In short, this piece from the ABA (the national lawyer's association) covers a lot of ground but there were two huge findings.

First, there is a huge difference in salary based on where you go to law school. Specifically, "Graduates of the top 10 law schools who worked full-time earned median pay that was $73,500 more per year than graduates of Tier 4 schools."

Second, law school grades made a huge difference in salary future salary: "[A]mong graduates of Tier 3 schools . . . those with the highest grade point averages had median pay that was $121,500 more than those with the lowest grades."

I want to say that again: there is over a $100,000 difference in annual salary between students with top grades and students with low grades.

This has all sorts of implications. First, if you are applying to law schools, you want to do everything you can to get into a top 10 law school. Second, once you're in law school (where ever that might be, but most especially if you are not at a top law school), you still have a shot at a great job IF you are at the very top of your class.

(2) You Should Totally Do the Law Review Write On Competition?

As you know already, I tutor law school students, and that includes prepping them for the write on competition. There is nothing I can do for students once they start.

Still, I get this question every year: "Should I do the law review write on competition?"

And my emphatic, no-brainer answer is: YES! YES! YES!

But if you need me to elaborate, I've put up a video on YouTube with my partners at 7Sage to prove the point here, in my video on why you should TOTALLY do the law review write on competition.

(3) Get More Free Final Exam Tips In YouTube!

So if you are a 1L still in the middle of finals (or if you are a 0L about to start studying for finals), might I suggest these wonderful videos created by yours truly with my best buddies at 7Sage?

Check out over 40 free, super clear, super specific exam tactics here at the 7Sage Law School Prep YouTube Channel .

(4) Get Top Law School Grades By Signing Up For 7Sage Law School Prep!

Finally, one last plug. You get a ton out of the free resources that I am providing above and on the Law School Hacker site.

I have committed myself to giving away most of my best material FOR FREE.

And my tactics WORK. I have tutored elite law students (Top 14 students who go to Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Texas, etc.) to excellent grades (straight As and Hs) and to excellent jobs (Cravath, Sullivan & Cromwell, federal clerkships, etc.).

I want you to have the experience that my best tutoring students have had -- I want you to take my basic material to the next level.

I want you to start law school in the fall and just dominate it.

So to get you there, I've worked on this premium online course called

One If so, take a look at my premium online course, 7Sage Law School Prep! . I have partnered with JY and Alan, the smartest guys in the LSAT business, to bring you a comprehensive . It is solely dedicated to YOUR law school success, by starting with basic principles and strategies and then moving into bite-sized but super specific tactics to master even the hardest courses.

Now, normally 7Sage Law School Prep is priced at $179, but for a limited time only we are pricing the course at $99.

It will never be this cheap again.

And there is NO RISK to you. We have a 45-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Again, I've worked hard on this course, and while it's still a work in progress, I'm proud of how good it is.

Check it out here: 7Sage Law School Prep. Anyway, that's all we have for now.

But if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to write me here.

Anyway, best of luck this summer,


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